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6" Ceiling Speaker 6W Metal FCS-336


6 Ceiling Speaker (1.5-3-6W) FCS-336

6" Ceiling Speaker (1.5-3-6W)                                                         

  • Commercial ceiling speaker with transformer.
  • 6” ceiling speaker for BGM and PA system use.
  • Compact size consistent with spot lighting and architectural design.
  • Ideal for school, office, hotel and airport background music system.
  • Rated power output 1.5W-3W-6W at 100V.
  • 6" full range paper driver unit.
  • Line input 100V or 70V.
  • Metal enclosure and metal grille in white.
  • In-ceiling quick installation by spring clip.

Model CSK-66W
Description 6” Ceiling Speaker
Rated Power Output 1.5W-3W-6W
Line Input 100V or 70V
Frequency Response 100-13KHz
SPL(@1W/m) 91dB
Speaker Unit 6” full range paper cone
Cutout Size 220mm
Dimension 245(D)×69(H)mm
Material Metal enclosure and metal grille in white
Mounting Way In-ceiling spring clip quick installation
Weight 0.97kg